Since 1995, OIEC has acted on behalf of industrial and other large consumers of energy. OIEC has successfully secured utility energy cost reductions and opposed significant utility rate increases for its members.

As the state and the nation undergo major energy reform, OIEC is attuned to policy changes and actively participates in the regulatory and legislative process in Oklahoma.

OIEC is a participant in all major state utility energy proceedings and has obtained cost reductions or avoided significant cost increases for its members. OIEC works with legislators, regulators and policy makers to ensure that Oklahoma companies have a voice in energy policies that impact the cost of doing business in our state.


OIEC’s mission is to achieve the most reliable and lowest, reasonably priced energy supply for Oklahoma industrial consumers by influencing energy policy development and decision making.


Thomas P. Schroedter serves as Executive Director and General Counsel of Oklahoma Industrial Energy Consumers (OIEC), an unincorporated association of Oklahoma manufacturing, refining and other industrial companies that consume significant quantities of energy. Schroedter represents OIEC in regulatory proceedings before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and in dockets before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Schroedter has served as OIEC’s executive director for more than 13 years, advocating for reliable and lowest, reasonably priced energy supply for OIEC member companies. Schroedter also represents OIEC in state and federal courts and at the Oklahoma State Legislature, advising OIEC and its members on electric power and natural gas issues impacting the delivery and price of energy to industrial end-use consumers.

As a shareholder in the Tulsa-based law firm Hall Estill, Schroedter also provides legal representation to firm clients in connection with the exploration, production, transportation and delivery of oil and natural gas. He also provides advice and analysis on state-wide oil and gas conservation and title issues.

Schroedter has been selected as a Best Lawyer in America in Oil and Gas Law, and serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Tulsa College of Law, teaching courses in oil and gas contracts and transactions. He has also been appointed to several state legislative commissions, which led to the introduction and enactment of energy legislation.