Oklahoma Industrial Energy Consumers (OIEC) welcomes any company that consumes significant amounts of energy, is impacted by utility energy rates and is a member of one of the utilities’ industrial classes of customers. Membership in OIEC is voluntary; therefore, OIEC needs the support of all industrial consumers of energy. Dues to pay association/administrative expenses are assessed annually and based on a company’s annual purchased electrical energy and transported natural gas volumes.

How to become a member

Become a member today by calling Sheryl Coast at 918-594-0489 or by e-mailing Sheryl Coast at

Benefits of being a member

In today’s highly competitive business environment, large consumers of energy in Oklahoma need an organization that looks after their interests and advocates on their behalf in connection with electric and natural gas requirements and costs.

Belonging to OIEC will ensure that you have effective representation in regulatory proceedings that involve the determination of utility rates and charges. You will also be instantly provided with a network of large energy consuming companies that share your interests and have a similar desire to protect and promote those interests.

In addition, you will receive the latest news on pending regulatory proceedings affecting your operations and up-to-date information about the energy restructuring of Oklahoma.

OIEC member information is available on request.